Yoga for Ever Body

Yoga Veda follows the long tradition of making yoga available to the whole community, regardless of fitness, health, age or philosophy. Using ancient techniques that have been tried and tested for thousands of years and adapted for the modern lifestyle gives everyone a chance to have profound experiences. There are classes tailored from the complete beginner to athletes, surfers and surfettes. See timetable.

Your yoga, your health

Yoga has never been more relevant than in today’s busy world. A balanced yoga practice increases your flexibility and strength, clears your mind, recharges your batteries and balances all your physiological systems. Yoga is a holistic, universal health care system that puts the management of your health and happiness in your hands.

Quality, not quantity

Yoga Veda classes are of a manageable size, so you won’t be lost in the crowd and the teacher can guide students safely and support individual needs. Yoga Veda classes combine physical practices, breathing, relaxation and meditation practices to balance body and mind to promote health, well-being and personal growth.

Yoga Products

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Daniel Rawson, the founder of Yoga Veda is a qualified Yoga Teacher. With a passion for Yoga he lives and teaches all aspects of Yoga with a concise, clear and intuitive approach. Experience ancient techniques to balance & heal the body and connect one to their soul. Regularly frequenting India to partake in the long tradition of spiritual masters, he has a vast yogic knowledge. Also with a background in Physiotherapy, Daniel has in-depth knowledge across anatomy and physiology. Classes are tailored to practitioners’ individual and modern day needs. Be a complete beginner, a once a week class goer, a full time fanatic, Daniel classes may be the solution for you.